Behold: This fan’s ‘Harry Potter’ book is JK Rowling-level good

Between Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the textbook Hogwarts, A History is referenced six times (I’m sorry I don’t have the final tally yet, binge-reading takes time, OK?). The book is referenced so many times, always by Hermione, because she cannot believe that Harry and Ron don’t know some tiny, obscure fact about the Hogwarts Castle. The book is referenced so many times, you’d think J.K. Rowling would have actually written a real version of it by now. But alas, she has not. So one amazing HP fan decided to take matters into her own hands, and actually made her own Hogwarts, A History.

Hermione would be so proud.

Meher Deva and Arshia Chatterjee are friends living in Singapore, and as like many, Arshia wished for her own copy of Hogwarts, A History. Not wanting to wait for Rowling to get around to it, Meher decided to make her own version for Arshia instead.

“​I bought the scrapbook, and some craft supplies, and then honestly it was just a matter of sitting down and writing stuff — partly from memory (commonly known HP facts) and partly from Pottermore,” Meher explained to Seventeen in an interview. “I had no real plan, I just went about it as I went along.”

The end result is amazing. The reimagined textbook includes chapters on the actual Castle, along with the Sorting Hat, Room of Requirement, and even a detailed list of all the classes you can take. Arshia writes on Facebook that it’s the “best (very early) Christmas present” and I’ve got to agree. Only a best friend would create a fictional textbook from an expansive fictional series for you. That’s friendship goals right there.

Check out a few pages of the book below ,and the whole thing here, and hopefully we can accio Hogwarts, A History for ourselves one day.

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