Fans just found a way to connect ‘Star Wars’ to ‘The Matrix,’ so there’s that

Here are two completely different movie worlds that we never thought would come together: Star Wars and The Matrix. Both exist in their own expanding universes, and have spawned countless theories and origin stories within themselves. But now there’s a fan theory out there that combines the two worlds together in a brand new, crazy way.

For this theory, you’re going to have to recall Attack of the Clones. Remember right at the beginning of the movie, Jedi padawan Anakin Skywalker and his Jedi master, Obi-Wan Kenobi find themselves at a club on Coruscant? The scene is very reminiscent of the Cantina Bar in A New Hope, but now this is the prequel and everything is all bright, shiny, and neon. Anyway. There’s a character in this scene who tries to sell Obi-Won some “death sticks” (like cigarettes  in the Star Wars universe).

As The Robertissimo writes, they noticed that this actor with the death sticks, Matt Doran, is familiar, because he also played a character in The Matrix, Mouse. Mouse designed the “Woman in the Red Dress” program, and your Matrix refresher for the day is this: That program was created to distract brand new people in the Matrix with a wandering eye. Surely this is just a coincidence, but then The Robertissimo realized that in this same club scene, a woman in a red dress pops up. And even crazier, she’s played by the same actress, Fiona Johnson, who also appeared as a woman in a red dress in The Matrix.

This is way too much of a double dose of The Matrix in Attack of the Clones to be simply a sheer coincidence. Same actors, same general idea, different trippy futuristic landscape. What do you think? Are you now wondering if the Force is strong with Neo, or questioning whether Anakin would choose the red or blue pill?

(Image via Lucasfilm.)

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