Fans are honoring Carrie Fisher by sharing adorable photos of their kids dressed as Princess Leia

It’s only Wednesday, but this week has been one of the roughest yet of 2016 due to the loss of Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher. Heartfelt articles and opinion pieces have been published about Fisher’s impact on fans’ lives. And to prove that Carrie Fisher positively affected multiple generations of Star Wars lovers, parents are posting photos of their kids dressed as Princess Leia. All this Carrie Fisher love is making our hearts break and swell at the same time.

Twitter user Single Mom Survives posted a picture of her daughter dressed as the iconic princess and asked followers to do the same. Although bittersweet, the responses she received were extremely inspiring and heartfelt.

You know what they say: Two badass female characters are better than one!

We’re in love with this mother-daughter Leia duo.


She’s ready to kick some serious butt with that purple lightsaber!

Even her son knows how awesome Leia is!

The idea has since spread around Twitter and Instagram. Parents have been sharing their Leia-loving kids everywhere!

Like this little girl who wanted to be Leia at Disney World even though she could have opted for a poofier, pretty dress.

Or this Leia fan who may be smiling – but watch out! She’s not afraid to use that thing!

Other social media users are posting photos of their childhood selves dressed as their favorite female badass. With almost 40 years worth of Princess Leia love to go around, the supply of homemade Leia costumes is endless.

The blue eye shadow is killing us. We think Leia would have loved it.

Mom did a bang up job, TBH.

You are the coolest! Those buns are on point!

We’re digging this picture too.

Is that…Officer Big Mac?

Thank you, Carrie Fisher, for playing our role model. We have a strong feeling that Leia will continue to inspire for many more generations to come.

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