This “Up” fan theory is way too sad to be true

Pixar has always has a knack for completely destroying us with heartwarming plot lines and unforgettable characters. Just look at their movie lineup and try to think of a single film that didn’t have you bawling your little eyes out.

Well, get ready for more waterworks because this Up fan theory is way too sad to be true.


In case you are unfamiliar with Up, it’s about Carl Fredricksen — an old man who has boarded himself up emotionally and physically after his wife’s passing. Carl’s last connection to her is his small house, which is in danger of being torn down by a big business. He is also being evicted from the premises. Instead of taking it, Carl ties a bunch of balloons to his roof and flies to Paradise Falls, a place his wife wanted to travel to before her passing. Are you crying yet?


Well, a fan theory suggests that Carl was actually dead the entire movie.


The little boy Russell who becomes a stowaway, is actually an angel guide who is trying to earn his place in heaven by helping Carl.