Here’s a fan theory that says the Pixar movies are all connected to ‘Die Hard’

You’ve more than likely heard the theory that all Pixar movies are connected to one another. It’s a surprisingly good, coherent theory, even though the folks at Pixar have insisted it’s not true — but we’re still going to believe it is. Building off of that all-inclusive theory, there’s a new fan theory out there explaining that a non-Pixar movie is connected to everything from Toy Story, to Monsters Inc., to Inside Out. That movie is Die Hard, and every movie in the Die Hard franchise fits seamlessly in with the likes of Finding Nemo.

Have fan theories gone too far? Maybe. But this one is so funny, we have to give credit where credit is due. Mashable‘s Theory Expert, Kyle, is now suggesting that all Pixar movies exist in the same universe as Bruce Willis’ John McClane. Is his reasoning far out there and absurd? Yes. But it’s hard to argue with him when he states that there’s no way for us to know that the Pizza Planet truck isn’t off in the distance during all those Die Hard chase scenes.

I’ll even raise Kyle one, and throw out there that for all we know, a plane from Arendelle lands at Dulles Airport during Die Hard 2, because anything is possible if you believe.

Kyle has also created a Pixar/Die Hard timeline, showing when all the movies take place. As you can see, Die Hard 1-3 take place before the events of Toy Story 1 and 2, and the former greatly influences the latter, obviously.

When it’s time to connect Up to this theory, Kyle points out that Up and A Good Day to Die Hard have almost exactly the same plot. Can’t believe we never though that these two things were smaller pieces of a bigger puzzle, but clearly, they are.

Check out the theory video below for some LOLs, and prepare to have your Pixar-loving mind blown.

Image via Disney/Pixar, video