This fan theory basically turns “High School Musical” into “Inception”

High School Musical is in the news again. Honestly, when is it not?! As you probably know, oftentimes with movies and TV shows, fan theories will emerge. Now, there’s a new (yet old) one out there, and this fan theory basically turns High School Musical into Inception, reported Teen Vogue.

You may remember another popular High School Musical fan theory back in 2015 by redditor SkyWasTheRobot.

“High School Musical is set in an alternate history without laws, SkyWasTheRobot had written on Reddit. “That is, a world where crime doesn’t exist as we see it. A world where you can murder, steal, and destroy without any legal repercussions.

But the latest fan theory — that’s old but making a comeback again online — thinks High School Musicals 1 through 3 are one lonnnng musical. In essence, a musical about a musical, according to Teen Vogue.

"Everything in the 3 movies is only a musical," redditor @Rockaface said regarding High School Musical — two years ago. "This explains the perfectly choreographed dance sequences when they randomly sing songs, the ending scene, and the very fictitious story."

So, we get it — like Inception, an idea is planted into someone’s mind…

For more clarification on @Rockaface’s theory, the redditor wrote, "all the characters of the series are teenagers and the play nor the songs aren't very professional, leading me to think that it was made by students in a high school. The name of the series, however, is my most concrete point in this theory. It's even partially canon that the movies never happened, and were only a, well, high school musical."

In-te-rest-ing, right?! Whether you agree with the fan theory or not, you can read more of the High School Musical reddit thread here. Chances are, it’ll probably want to make you chime in, too. Okay, is it just us, or does anyone else want to go rewatch the movies right now?!