Fan Power Brings Back the Bluth Family

Have you ever heard of a television show getting cancelled after three seasons? Have you heard of that cancelled show being brought back six years later with a brand spanking new season available strictly via the nternet?  Never, right? Well, until now.

As of May 26th 2013, the hilariously dysfunctional Bluth family of Arrested Development returns.  It is only available on Netflix.  That means all of season four can be downloaded in one go! Although it has been a long wait for loyal fans who were an incremental factor of the rebirth of this series, the big pay off is each new episode can be viewed back-to-back – no commercials, no nothing! Wow, I’m beginning to sound like an infomercial or a Netflix sales person. I promise you I am neither.  I am simply an aficionada of this brilliant piece of writing and acting. I was not one of the original followers when the show first aired on Fox. Like many, I heard about Arrested Development after it became a sort of cult phenomenon. Personally, I would like to thank the ‘cult’ who first fell in love with this bunch of twisted souls, because without them I wonder if the masterminds at Netflix would have ever struck up this deal with show creator Mitch Hurwitz and company.

Regardless of how it happened, if season four is a smidgen of as much fun as its premiere was last week at TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre), then no one will be disappointed… Well, Ed Begley Jr. may still be upset since when we spoke on my Red Carpet at the premiere, he was looking for star Jeffrey Tambor (he plays George Bluth Sr.), who owes him money.

Spoiler alert: guest stars rumored to appear this season are Seth Rogen, Terry Crews and Kristin Wiig.  Supposedly, there is a movie in the works and I can only hope that they will write a cameo for a tall blonde named Erin Brown who carries around an exquisite Red Carpet. At the very least I know my Red Carpet and I will be at the movie premiere even if it takes six more years for it to happen.

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