Bowing down to this fan who NAILED his Zendaya impression (and got her seal of approval)

Do you ever get stage fright during every day life? Maybe you hate getting up in front of the class for presentations or sitting down to take a really stressful test or publicly running in P.E. Don’t worry, nerves are totally normal, and there are lots of ways to overcome them. You can try deep breathing exercises, visualization, or (my new personal favorite) you can channel this amazing Zendaya fan who did the most amazing impression of her working the red carpet.

The fan posted a video of himself slaying on Instagram, and Zendaya was so tickled she shared it on her personal account. “Me on every red carpet,” she said in the caption. I second that. Seriously, the confidence that this guy’s giving off is contagious! He’s really working those sunnies and that pink fur coat: so glam it hurts.

This routine is truly majestic. Check it out.

Zendaya made headlines this week when she told haters “idgaf” about how anyone feels about her personal fashion choices, particularly a pixie cut wig that she wore to the BET Awards. Her self-assuredness is obviously inspiring her fans, and we love it!

In case you want to memorize Zendaya’s amazing fan video, here are the lyrics. I’m still working on the choreography, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the next time I have to give a presentation, I will be reciting this in my head.


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