This fan-made Harry Potter Christmas tree is tugging at our Muggle heartstrings

Now that we’ve gotten the first holiday meal(s) out of the way, next up on the festive agenda are decorations. If you’re in the mood to switch things up this year, check out this fan-made Harry Potter Christmas tree we spotted at The Daily Dot. Red and green hues make for classic and cool tree trimmings, but this non-traditional tree decor is literally tugging at our Muggle heartstrings.

Seriously, the only Harry Potter-themed accessory that could make this tree better is the model from that sexy Harry Potter photo shoot (seriously, we are still drooling over the hotness). But um… back to this tree. Kathryn Burnett of Seaham, England decorated it and it’s pretty friggin’ impressive:

Burnett’s tree boasts The Sorting Hat as a topper and is adorned with ornaments like the Marauders’ Map, Harry’s famous round spectacles and the Hogwarts crest. A cage complete with Hedwig the Owl and Harry’s broom Firebolt sit beneath the tree.

And we thought our obsession with all things Harry Potter was boundless. Honestly, this tree is so packed with Potter-themed ornaments, we think it’s potent enough to be considered a Patronus.