These fan-made “Harry Potter” book covers might be the coolest we’ve ever seen

Potterheads all across the Internet are swooning over the latest collection of Harry Potter fan art.

Meg Krampf, owner of the Etsy shop Pesky Cat Papercraft, is the artist behind the enchanting covers which first gained traction through her post on Imgur. Mashable reported that Krampf ordered the series on Amazon and then consulted a local print shop to help her remove the original covers and binding for each of the seven books before working her artistic prowess.

Krampf, who has also crafted renditions of the Hunger Games series, custom-bound the covers in leather and affixed a magnetic Horcrux bookmark to the front, each selected to correspond to the respective book. She also incorporated metal wands in the spine of each book and collaborated with VisualDestini to create colorful end pages that depict a quote from the novels.

The whole process took Krampf several months, and on February 15 she finally put the collection up for sale on eBay for a winning total of $5,100. All proceeds will go to a charity of the winner’s choosing.

Don’t get too bummed yet if you want in on this magical edition–Krampf left a note on her Etsy page saying she’s working on making her artwork available to the masses.

“I’m totally blown away by all of the feedback from the Harry Potter books, and I’m working on a way to increase the availability of this item in order to satisfy at least part of the demand I’m seeing,” she wrote.

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