A fan tried to join Kanye West on his floating stage and it got a little chaotic

When we first laid eyes on Kanye West’s amazing Saint Pablo tour stage setup, we immediately imagined ourselves in his place, hovering mid-air in a packed arena while receiving the ultimate rock star treatment from the fawning crowd beneath us. However, we eventually snapped out of our fog and back to reality, unlike this ridiculously hyped up Yeezy fan who couldn’t accept his fate as a concertgoer meant to remain on the ground, because climbing onto West’s floating stage during his performance of “Power” apparently sounded like a better idea.


During West’s Monday night concert at Atlanta’s Philips Arena, this misguided fan decided to make his (our) dream a reality but needless to say, his stage-crashing plan didn’t work out so well. (Just because West can dish out interruptions doesn’t mean he can take ’em.)  After the fan’s death-defying stunt (Evel Knievel would be so disappointed), the man who shall from this moment forth be known as “Kanye’s ballsiest fan” was brutally rebuffed by the hand of Yeezy himself, after which he dutifully dropped back down to his designated spot in the audience.

Sooo, this is what happens when an insanely popular performer literally dangles himself in front of a crowd:


Here’s another angle of the insanity:

This dude’s upper body strength is impressive, but we’re pretty sure this pull-up routine isn’t a part of West’s “New Workout Plan.”