This fan art of Elsa from “Frozen” if she were in “Star Wars” is ~amazing~

Elsa has officially become even more badass than she already was — something we didn’t know was possible (she turns castles into ice, after all). Someone turned the Snow Queen into characters from the world of Star Wars, and now our Disney hearts might explode.

Ridiculously talented Instagram user raikoart created two epic concept pieces of Frozen‘s Elsa, turning her into both a Jedi and a SithThe drawings were done last December, but raikoart posted them again today because duh, it’s #throwbackthursday.

“#throwbackthursday to a Jedi/Sith! Elsa concepty pieces I did December last year,” the caption reads. “Hope to start a Star Wars Disney Princess series soon, which do you prefer – Sith or Jedi Elsa?”

Uh, we hope so too. Consider us fans.

So which do you prefer? We’re team Jedi Elsa. Good conquers evil, you guys.

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