There’s a famous pet lizard on Instagram, and we don’t know how to feel about this

You’ve probably never met a lizard quite like this one. This giant, Instagram-famous lizard named MacGyver is beloved all over the internet. With 76k followers and tens of thousands of views on every video, he’s seriously inspiring our Instagram goals. While a lizard pet may freak us out a little bit, this giant lizard’s favorite thing is cuddling with his mom, and it’s actually so cute. He’s basically a dog! With, you know, a sort of scary tongue and scales and no fur.

Just trust us, guys. He’s cute! And lizards actually make the perfect cuddle buddies, so if you need cuddles, you may wanna get on board with this little guy.

Meet MacGyver the Lizard, a lizard with more likes on his Instagram pics than we’ll ever get.

He absolutely adores In-N-Out.

All he really wants to do is cuddle with his human.

And he’s especially a major fan of lizard massage.

He’s a very good boy!

And he’s actually the most gigantic lizard we’ve ever seen.

He’s extremely active in politics, and always votes.

He, too, gets drained by politics, which is where the cuddles come in.

All. The. Cuddles.

And, of course, omelettes. Lots and lots of lizard omelettes!

Plus fish. This lizard pet LOVES fish.

But he’s got a pretty big sweet tooth. He loves Halloween candy, no matter what the time of year.

He has a soft side, and digs birds.

And gardening.

And making new friends.