Famous men are cat people too. Here’s proof.

Who knew Jon Hamm was a cat guy? He was a surprise guest on @Midnight the other night, and I’m pretty sure he only stopped by to declare his love for our feline friends. Yes, he’s wearing a cat sweatshirt, and the cat is sporting sunglasses, and the shirt reads, “LIVE IN THE MEOW.” First off, where can I get that sweatshirt? Secondly, Hamm isn’t the only guy out there who likes cats better than dogs (as he says it himself, they’re the best snuggle buddies).

Where are all these other cat-lovin’ celebrity guys? They’re all over the Internet if you look hard enough. So, without further ado, here’s a list of guys and cats that would totally have Hamm’s seal of approval.

Ed Sheeran

One time, Sheeran met an adorable little kitten, and then learned that if the kitten wasn’t adopted he would be put to sleep. What does our favorite red-head crooner do? He adopts the kitten, of course, and named him Graham. Graham has his own Twitter account, and it has 95.5K followers. Graham was also featured on Sheeran’s tour T-shirts this past year, and Graham is wearing Pharrell’s hat. How soon until Graham gets his own reality show?

James Franco

According to Franco, he was “raised a cat guy.” He’s named some of his cats after notable literary figures, — like  Zelda after Zelda Fitzgerald. He also adopted the cat that was used in the movie Homefront, and he loves cats so much, our gal Ellen DeGeneres went out of her way to make him his own cat calendar.

Ian Somerhalder

Our favorite blue eyed vampire loves cats just as much as we do. He has three cats of his own, and as he says, “there’s just fur everywhere.” When Somerhalder posed for People’s Sexiest Men Alive 2013, he did so with his cat Moke, who he rescued while filming Lost in Hawaii. Also, you should know, he refers to himself as “dad” when talking about his cats.

Jason Mraz

In case you’re wondering what Mraz dreams about at night, it’s “finding a Kitty Cat Forest.” For real. Kittens “win [him] over every time.” And this comes from one of his journal entries entitled, These Are Few Of My Favorite Things, so you know he means business.

Ricky Gervais

World wide funny guy Gervais is practically obsessed with his cat, Ollie. It actually appears that 80% of his Tweets revolve around the Siamese cat, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Ollie doesn’t seem to mind the extra attention. Gervais is also really awesome because he encourages others rescue pets and adopt.

Jesse Eisenberg

Eisenberg named his cat Mr. Trunkles, and they take vacations together. OK, maybe not real vacations, and it’s all an elaborate joke for The New Yorker Festival this year, in which funny people debated which pet is better, dogs or cats. But regardless, Eisenberg makes his case for cats, and yes, Mr. Trunkles does look quite menacing from his kitty throne. In reality, though, Eisenberg has been known to take in foster kitties from time to time.

Norman Reedus  

Reedus might play a tough guy on The Walking Dead, but he’s got a soft spot for his cat, Eye in the Dark, who just like Graham Sheeran, has his own Twitter account. Eye in the Dark is also a big supporter, with Reedus’ help, of Cruelty-Free International, which helps promote the ending of animal testing associated with cosmetics. That’s a cause we can all get behind.


Just this past year, Macklemore made the “best decision” and adopted a little kitten named Cairo. He’s clearly been a cat lover forever, as noted in his “How To Hold A Cat” tutorial, which is super useful.

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