6 famous bikinis you always wanted (and where to buy them RIGHT NOW)

Now that it’s officially summer, we’ve got our eyes on some of the most fabulous bikinis to wear to our next vacay. But really, the best inspiration comes from watching some of our fave movies on a rainy day. In honor of National Bikini Day, here are some famous bikinis — and the modern-day match to buy so you can rock the look on the beach this summer!

Halle Berry’s orange string bikini in Die Another Day


Halle Berry made a fabulous Bond girl, Giacinda “Jinx” Johnson, and we couldn’t help but totally drool over her super cute swimsuit. (Of course, the knife-holding belt probably isn’t exactly necessary for the beach, unless you’re a serious badass.) Here’s the orange dreamy equivalent:


You can buy here for $65.00.

Tara Reid’s neon bikini in The Big Lebowski


Sure, Bunny may have been “missing” for most of the movie, but we’ll never forget her bright neon green bikini-scrunchy combo. Luckily, there’s a fabulous dupe we can buy (sans scrunchie, unfortunately).


Buy it here for $98.

Kate Upton’s bright white suit in The Other Woman


We can’t have an iconic bikini list without Kate Upton, because she obvs totally rocks it always. However, she especially made us want that squeaky clean white bikini to make us look extra tan. Here’s the string bikini dupe that you can buy for ultra cheap!


Buy it here for $22.95.

Maribel Verdú’s black bikini in Y Tu Mamá También


We’ve been totally crushing not only on Maribel, but on her simple-yet-classy black string bikini. If you want an understated look this summer, take a page from Y Tu Mamá También.


Buy it here for $43.00.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s polka-dot bikini in Heartbreakers


Jennifer Love Hewitt broke our hearts in that totally cute black polka-dot bikini. Is there anything better? You can buy her fun little number with a few extra ruffles to look extra adorbs.


Buy it here for $71.00.

Phoebe Cates in Fast Times At Ridgemont High


Sure, Phoebe may have been the sexual awakening for millions of preteen boys and girls all over the world, but we also can’t help but notice just how adorable that bikini is! Luckily, you can get that Fast Times At Ridgemont High aesthetic at Topshop.


Buy it here for $31.24.

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