Watch this family save a kitten’s life in the most beautiful way, try not to weep

On Thanksgiving morning, the Bingham family was hanging out at their cabin in Bear Lake, Utah. They decided to head outside to play in the fresh snow that had fallen overnight. Branden Bingham grabbed his GoPro to record his kids having fun when his oldest son happened upon a lifeless kitten in the snow.

Some people might have freaked out, left it, or called Animal Control, but the Bingham family sprung into action. They rushed the frozen kitten inside their cabin, cuddling the tiny animal in front of the fire while Justin Bingham, Branden’s brother, performed CPR on the cat. As witnessed in the below video, he pumped his thumb against the kitten’s chest repeatedly hoping for a miracle.

It took more than an hour, but he got one. The tiny kitten started breathing again, and slowly regained strength. The family decided to keep the kitten, naming it Lazarus-Olaf. The name Lazarus comes from the biblical character who rises from the dead. Brandan Bingham’s kids took inspiration from Frozen and call the kitty Olaf. “My kids have no idea who Lazarus is and they want to call him Olaf because they know Olaf as this thing raised from the snow and given life,” Brendan told ABCNews. “So his name is Lazarus-Olaf and anyone can call him what they want.”

Branden Bingham submitted the video to GoPro, and it was included in the GoPro Awards official selection and quickly went viral. Members of PETA saw the video as well, and awarded Justin Bingham with the Compassionate Action Award for going the extra mile to save little Lazaraus-Olaf’s life.

(Image via YouTube)