This man started buying pools for kids — after a local family was shamed for their makeshift one

It’s (almost) summer and that means one thing: pools! Whether you had an inflatable pool, the real deal, or sprinklers you ran around in, the summer heat is only beat by drenching yourself in water. But let’s not forget that pools are expensive. So sometimes we have to DIY our own to make it work. And that’s exactly what one Texas family did.

However, when someone saw a San Antonio family using their truck bed as a makeshift pool (with some help from a tarp, of course), they took to Facebook to express how funny they thought it was.

When Todd Arredondo, another San Antonio resident, saw this insensitive pool post, he felt outraged and decided to help. And that’s exactly how Pools for Kids was born.

Todd bought the family a pool, never anticipating that the act would turn into a larger project. Pools for Kids, the organization started by Todd, has the goal of buying inflatable pools for kids who may not have them otherwise.

Although the GoFundMe page Todd set up initially aimed to raise $250, the program has raised over $20,000.

Just look at those faces! Having a pool is one of those small luxuries that really feels like a huge one. And considering the fact that the project aimed to help five families but has helped over 17, their track record is pretty good. For a one man show, that’s even more impressive.

We hope these kids enjoy their pools! It’s summer break, and everyone deserves to chill a little. We’re so glad Todd is helping to make that happen.

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