This mom and her daughters are Halloween champions in this gloriously detailed group costume

One of the best parts about Halloween (minus the free candy of course) is the chance to dress up and go all out with your costume — and coordinated group costumes are especially thrilling. Whether you’re deciding to go as a killer clown or Harley Quinn, your costume may very well be the most important part of a successful and fun Halloween. But this family may have just beat us all at Halloween before the holiday even officially begins, thanks to their incredibly creative group costume.

Denise Hill, a mom living in Kansas City, Missouri, is really into Halloween — and as BuzzFeed reports, she is no stranger to slaying in themed costumes with her three daughters.

They usually go all out, coordinating their costumes for some of the cutest photo-ops to ever hit the Internet. And this year was no different.

Hill, along with her children -- 15-year-old Aria Randolph, 8-year-old Aspen, and 5-year-old Denver -- took the Internet by storm in a photo of all four dressed up as Golden Sports Trophies.

Much to Hill’s surprise, the photo is still making rounds across social media, with the approval and compliments of thousands of social media users. It has already been retweeted over 21,000 times and ‘liked’ more than 30,000 times.

So how did Hill get her family of winners ready for Halloween?

She told BuzzFeed that she and her kids all dressed in clothes they already own, and she then used Mehron gold paint to achieve the metallic essence of trophies, and then wrapped footstools in trash bags to create the podiums.

Once you take note of the creativity of these costumes and the pure joy on these family member’s faces as they do something that they love, it’s clear that the Hills have definitely won us all over this Halloween.

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