This family of dogs and cats and ducks does everything together and we are squealing!

We’re having serious #familygoal envy over here. This tribe of four dogs, a cat, and two ducks is the brood we’ve always dreamed of. They love each other, protect each other, dress like each other, nurture each other, and do literally everything together.

Kasey Boggs of Missouri and her husband have been rescuing animals for a decade.

Next, the pair rescued Pit Bulls Rosie and Jake and a Rat Terrier Italian Greyhound mix they named Edith. Then, they adopted Mia the Cat from a cat rescue centre, followed by ducklings Gertrude and Donald.

‘We wanted chickens initially. I’ve always wanted to have a farm, but I didn’t connect with the chickens. The ducks were cuddly, expressive, and have personalities,’ Kasey told Bark Post.

We weren’t lying when we said this family of dogs, cats and ducks dress alike.

They go camping together.

They do chores together.

They pool around together.

When the ducks are thirsty, the pit will let them drink from her mouth.

This family embodies an abundance of love. And, they’re soon to increase their numbers.

Maybe they’ll adopt us one day.