Falling in Fan: I Need a Life Preserver!

I know I just broke up with fandoms.

I know we’ve had our differences. But readers?

I’m in love.

It’s not my fault. It’s these darn characters. I know the show is seven years old at this point. And I know that the characters I am currently infatuated with have been gone for three years now.


I’m so in-fan with the Tenth Doctor and Rose. I spend my days haunting tumblr for the perfect gif of my favorite scene. I get in fights with my real life friends over who gets to marry fictional characters and say things like, “We’ll be sister wives,” to keep the peace.

How did I get here, reader? How did I go from “meh” about all things fandom only two weeks ago, and now I’m here, squeeing and making faces about characters that haven’t existed in new episodes for years?

This is all the internet’s fault. If it weren’t for Netflix Instant, and people I met on Twitter, this would not be a problem.

I was peer pressured, I tell you! (That’s an excuse, right? I can blame someone else?) I was just living my life. I had heard about this Doctor Who thing. I had even written about it. IT WASN’T NEWS. And then someone said, “Oh Rachael, you don’t have to start back in the 60s. You can start with new Doctor Who. Then you’re only four or five seasons behind.”

So I started. I watched Nine and Rose battle aliens with comically bad special effects. I saw “monsters” that scared the living bejesus out of me. Seriously, do not walk up behind me and say, “Are you my mummy?” in a creepy little kid voice. I will punch you in the face after I scream.

And then it happened. Regeneration. And I told myself, “Rachael, everybody loves Ten. You cannot love Ten. It’s too cliche.”

But he swaggered in with his skinny legs and his Converse, and his cheekiness. And he was sassy with Rose. And he was sassy with Jackie and Mickey. And they were sassy back.

And it was perfect, readers. It was perfect. Watching Doctor Who went from being a once in a while watching thing to a devouring two or three episodes a night thing. And then the gifs happened. And then the YouTube scouring. And the fanfic reading. DON’T JUDGE ME.

And I got to bask in the glory of Ten & Rose for three short seasons before it happened again. Regeneration. These last few seasons have been “meh” for me. I mean they’re good, but I just don’t feel it the way I did before.

I want the feelings back, readers. I need a fix of the perfect romance that was my first exposure to Ten and Rose. I need it like I need my coffee in the morning. What will my next fanfatuation be?

Image via Shutterstock.