Wow: “fallen leaf art” is taking over Japan and it’s absolutely stunning

The leaves are a-fallin’ and we know anyone stuck with the task of raking them up would love nothing more than to permanently zap them out of sight. But looking at this gorgeous fallen leaf art trend that’s taking over Japan might inspire you to be a little less grouchy about all those piles of foliage in your yard.

According to Bored Panda, people in the country that brings us all kinds of uniquely delightful ideas like bathing in red wine and eating green tea strawberries for dessert have given us something else to marvel at: “Ochiba art” or fallen leaf art is just like it sounds. Step one: Take piles of leaves and arrange them into an artistic design that accentuates their gorgeous colors. Step two: Share on Instagram and sit back and watch the likes roll in because turning leaves into artwork is undeniably cool.

These colorful leaf designs are absolutely brilliant:

This Winnie the Pooh design is giving us all kinds of fall feels:

This leafy smiley face is all of us rn:

It wouldn’t be right if Hello Kitty didn’t get the leaf art treatment:

How adorable and creative is this? And we thought shoveling snow on a hoverboard was an innovative way to get these seasonal cleanup jobs done. Seriously, these pretty piles of leaves make us want to grab a rake, gather ALL of the leaves and design to our heart’s content (or at least until we start itching). Afterwards, we’ll get cleaned up and borrow Jenny Slate’s leaves and sequins dress to pose alongside our leafy creation for what will easily be the most fall-tastic selfie of all time.