Fall In Love With Haim!

HAIM rhymes with time (not like Corey Haim, which rhymes with name), and the are the all time best. Let me just run wild for a minute… Future music article titles, you are welcome:

  • A Ticking Haim Bomb
  • Hammer Haim
  • It’s Haim To Get Ill
  • I’ve Had The Haim of My Life
  • Haim For A Change
  • Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Haim
  • Don’t Let Haim Pass You By
  • Haim After Haim
  • As Haim Goes By
  • Quality Haim
  • The Haim Is Right
  • Big Haim
  • Let The Good Haims Roll
  • Haim is Money
  • Haim and Haim Again
  • Same Haim, Same Place
  • Haim is Of The Essence
  • Haim Heals All Wounds
  • The Haim is Now

Many of you have probably heard of one of the most amazing bands out there right now: a trio of sisters from the 818 (that’s the valley, y’all) about to reach the… What’s the area code for the world?

The first time I heard these lovely girls, the high school me of yore immediately was mad with jealously that she didn’t have this music. I’m telling you, they would have gotten me through high school and college, and that is saying A LOT. They are so incredibly good. I hate doing the mash-up “this meets this meets this” description thing, so I won’t; also these young ladies have a sound entirely of their own that defies description. I think that all good music has the common thread of touching our souls in some way, of literally and metaphorically resonating with us. This is that kind of music; it will make you feel the way that your other favorites have made you feel with an extra bit of rock and roll.

Did I mention they are wonderful people? Este, Danielle and Alana are all hilarious, gorgeous and incredibly sweet. Anyone would put them on a dream BFF list for sure.  Their parents are absolute gems, as well. They put on an incredible show, with unbelievable transcendent moments… And then the next moment they bring Mamma and Papa Haim onstage for a barn-burning rendition of ‘Mustang Sally’. See them if you get the chance. Oh, and Miss Alana is a nail art maven. I just love this family and their musical genius.

And finally, A Haim-ku:

Voices, legs and hair

Rocking drum beats and guitar

The Haim Sisters rule

Check out their site for new videos, music downloads, and tour schedules!

Follow these lovely ladies on Twitter, and get thee to a show!!!




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