14 autumn engagement rings you’ll “fall” in love with

Whoever said the holiday season was the most wonderful time of year clearly didn’t live in a climate where the leaves change colors, the air turned crisp, or where Starbucks launched an arsenal of seasonally flavored drinks. Between the chilling temps and the undeniable sensation of a new beginning, there’s just something downright romantic about autumn. Which is probably one of the reasons why there are so many truly stunning fall wedding rings on the market.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of a crisp fall wedding or even if you just like the idea of a little autumn inspiration, these rings are certain to satisfy your fall wedding appetite. And although they’ve all got a tinge of seasonality to them, worry not: these stunning fall engagement rings will be beautiful on your finger during any time of year.

No matter if you’re already married, engaged, or just looking to add to your wedding Pinterest board, take a peek at the rings below.

1Malaya Garnet Gold Leaf Engagement Ring, $745

2Moissanite Leaf and Vine Wedding Ring, $645

3Interlocking Nature Inspired Leaf and Twig Bridal Set, $1,250

4Jacquie Aiche 7 Ruby Vintage Waif, $500

5Diamond Cluster Ring Rose Gold Twig Engagement Ring, $779

6Leaf Wedding Ring, $519


7Camellia Jewelry Diamond Rose Engagement Ring, $1,150

8Unique One of a Kind Raw Diamond Engagement Ring, $135

9Elixir Mini Ring, $1,035

10My Petite Flower Diamond Cluster Ring, $975

11Square Garnet Deco Ring, $1,055

12Raw Uncut Rough Twig Diamond Engagement Ring, $830

13Diamond Engagement Ring with Leaf Detail, $980

14Marquise Emerald Dew Ring, $575


Searching for the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming, so hopefully, this roundup helps you narrow it down.

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