12 unique fall date ideas, straight from the experts at Hinge

Fall is about more than just pumpkin spice-flavored everything—it also happens to be what some people call “cuffing season,” or that time of the year when people tend to get into relationships faster, just in time for the holidays and chilly (aka indoor) weather. Whether you’re using an app to find love or not, it can be hard to figure out where that first date (or second date) should take place, but luckily, the experts are chiming in to help us out in that department.

Although classic date choices include the movies, dinner, or grabbing coffee if you’re into something more casual, the folks at Hinge have some suggestions. In September, the dating-app company began offering its employees a $200 monthly stipend for dating research, which means they’ve tried out date spots all over the country so the rest of us don’t have to. Thanks to their experience, Hinge has given HG an exclusive list of fall date destinations where you might find love this season—if you’re looking for it, anyway.

Here are the fall date ideas Hinge recommends:

1 Dun-Well Doughnuts in N.Y.C.


Known for offering up yummy, unique flavors of artisanal donuts, this is the perfect place to take someone new—and it’s a safe bet, because who doesn’t love donuts? Hinge recommends the caramel apple donuts.

2 Nashville Haunted Hayride & Woods in Tennessee

If you’re looking for some spooky, Halloween-related fun, Nashville Haunted Hayride & Woods is perfect for you and your date…as long as you’re okay with seeing zombies and other monsters, which does give you the opportunity to snuggle even closer to your person. Hinge also recommends stopping at SATCO for delicious tacos to make your night complete.

3 Griffith Observatory in L.A.


Whether you want to hike, bike, or just drive to the top to enjoy the view, you can’t go wrong with visiting the iconic Griffith Observatory.

4 Smithsonian Museum of Art History in Washington, D.C.


To add a little creepy to your visit, Hinge suggests stopping to see the Ghost Clock, and if you’re hungry, hitting up Old Ebbitt Grill for oysters, too.

5 The Pit in Miami

For the truly adventurous, Hinge recommends planning a swamp boat ride for your date in Miami, while also going to The Pit for BBQ. You know that airboat is going to make you hungry!

6 Beardsley’s Cider Mill & Orchard in Shelton, Connecticut


Looking for the full fall experience? At Beardsley’s, you can have it all—apple picking, donuts, cider. Think of the adorable Instagram photos that would come from this date!

7 Witch’s Castle in Portland, Oregon


The ruins known as The Witch’s Castle make for the perfect spooky fall hike.

8 Blue Hills in Boston

If you love the outdoors, you should definitely visit Blue Hills. There are gorgeous hikes there that are perfect for any skill level.

9 The Maine Brew Bus in Portland, Maine


The Maine Brew Bus offers up different themed tours of craft breweries, so you can sip and get to know each other at the same time—and maybe even find your new favorite beer.

10 Utah Olympic Park in Salt Lake City


The Utah Olympic Park is where the Winter Olympics took place in 2002. It offers up zip-lining, bobsledding, and skiing—what more could you want out of a high-adrenaline date? Hinge also recommends timing your visit so you can catch a concert at Red Butte Garden, too.

11 Gathering Place in Tulsa, Oklahoma


Gathering Place is a gorgeous riverfront park where you and your date can talk while taking a scenic walk. This is perfect if you both love the outdoors.

And of course, even more important than where you go is who’s by your side, so choose wisely. Happy dating!

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