7 Reasons Fall Is The Best Season Ever

Leaves falling. Rainy days. Socks. Halloween. The way your skin feels when the cool and forgiving air brushes up against it. Apple cider. Cinnamon and licorice. Everything that happens to trees. Fall is obviously the most magical time of year, and something happens to my heart around this time that makes everything somehow easier and sweeter.

Though summer is not over until the autumnal equinox, which falls on September 23rd this year, I started thinking about all the lovely things that are about to start happening really soon.

1. Clothes get 100% cuter

Basically all divine and beautiful clothing is made for fall. Blazers, vintage denim, wool skirts, boots, tights—you name it. Fall is my favorite time of year to dress and layering makes everything so much more interesting to wear and look at. Opposing patterns, bright neon tights with dark brown leather boots. Can’t I just pull out all my fall clothes now?!

2. It’s just more romantic

For some reason, fall makes everything feel more romantic. Walking the dogs, I fall in love with every stranger within a 50-ft. radius. The sky seems more endless than usual—clouds become questions marks and airplanes become shooting stars.

3. Apples everywhere you turn

After finding out Hello Kitty is not actually a cat, but a little girl, and weighs as much as three apples, I’ve basically started gauging the size and magnitude of everything in terms of apples. It is my guess that the human heart weighs as much as two apples, that my tiny dog Vern weighs as much as eight apples and my coffee mug is somewhere around ¾ of an apple. The fact that we get to eat this unit of measurement all season long makes me love autumn even more. Apples in our pies, apples in our cups and apples on our desks, fall is swelling with the sweet, delicious fruit.

4. The crunch of stepping on dry leaves

Being tactile and incredibly drawn to anything smushable, bendable or breakable, stepping on the driest leaf becomes a mission on each walk. What is it about that sensation that is so supremely gratifying?

5. The balloon fiesta, of course

Breaking Bad has made a name for my sweet New Mexico, and while some of it might speak a tiny truth about the state that I call home, it pales in comparison to the International Balloon Fiesta we host each year on the second week of October. Growing up, I would know when fall was about to unravel. Imagine waking up to the loud bursts of air from a hot air balloon. Sound surreal? It is, and it always touches my brain in deeply moving ways. Make a trip out here and fall in love with the mystery and magic of all the hot air balloons that dot our bright blue skies each fall.

6. You just breathe easier

Why is it that during fall months we breathe in deeper? Is it the smell of wooden stoves and cider? Is the air not somehow cleaner? Crisper? The rivers and lakes of our cities dance in the air and moisture feels beautiful and healing, like something we’ve waited all spring and summer for.

7. Back-to-school time is the best time

Whether you’re in school or not, the city becomes full of young energy and old wisdom with the beginning of each new school year. With so many people beginning something, it’s hard to not feel brand new and impressionable. Everything becomes a lesson and we never stop being students.

Soon we will be pulling sweaters over our heads and picking pumpkins for our stoops, and I just can’t wait.

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