A Falcons player blamed Lady Gaga’s halftime show for his team’s Super Bowl loss, and wait what?

In case you missed it, the Atlanta Falcons lost the Super Bowl. Atlanta had a huge lead over the New England Patriots going into the second half of the game, but they lost in overtime after the Patriots came back big time. And now a Falcons’ player is blaming Lady Gaga’s halftime show for their epic loss.

And while this is very confusing, it also kind of makes a little, teeny tiny amount of sense. Sort of.

Falcons player Mohamed Sanu appeared on the NFL Network on Friday and talked about what he felt like happened to his team in the second half. He blamed the extended halftime break during Lady Gaga’s show for the team losing steam.

"Usually halftime’s only like 15 minutes," Sanu said. "And when you’re not on the field for, like, an hour, it’s just like going to work out, like a great work out, and you go and sit on a couch for an hour. And then try to start working out again...It was my first time experiencing something like that and it was different."

Halftime in the NFL is usually 12 minutes during the regular season. And during the Super Bowl, it’s typically 30 minutes. So we get that an hour is a crazy long time to sit around waiting to play.

But like, the Patriots had to wait the same amount of time, soooooo.

Then again, The Patriots had been to the Super Bowl a number of times before. And their seasoned coach, Bill Belichick, knew to prepare his team mentally and physically for a longer break.

To be fair, Lady Gaga is an innocent bystander in this situation. She provided the (incredible) entertainment and the performance happened to be longer than the players are used to. It sounds like that’s more of an issue Sanu should take up with whoever is in charge of making those decisions — not our Gaga.

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