11 stages of fake pockets being the worst fashion LIE of all time

Nothing is as difficult as finding the perfect pair of pants — and nothing is as sad as finally finding the perfect pair only to realize your new jeans don’t have pocketsSeriously, the fact that women’s pants never have REAL pockets (or that women’s pants have laughably small pockets, when they exist at all) is the most frustrating thing in the world. And, like most things, of course women’s pants having fake pockets is yet another bizarre example of sexism. Either way, it just sucks.

1. You put in so much work to find a pair of jeans you can really get your ~groove on~ in


2. So, naturally, you buy a MILLION PAIRS because that *never* happens


3. But then you get home… and the pockets are FAKE


4. And you feel like SUCH a fool! Tricked, yet again, by fake pockets


5. You’d think we’d finally learn to check first


6. So then you try to make it work


7. But then you keep trying to put things in your pockets, and dropping them


8. The betrayal is just too real


9. And then, naturally, you push your phone into your pocket… or so you think. And then it ends up cracked on the floor, or right in the toilet, or WORSE


10. And you just have to break up with those awful pants


11. And say goodbye to all that wasted moola


NEVER AGAIN will we be duped! Until next time when we get tricked all over again. Oh fake pockets. How you trick us.

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