Fake Bradley Cooper has a twin and just released a video about his reign at Sundance

If you’re going to use the power of your good looks to pretend to be a celebrity, you have to go in all the way. So we learned this week from Matt Katzenbach (on the left in the photo below), the “Fake Bradley Cooper,” who decided to use his resemblance to the Silver Linings Playbook and Hangover actor to stir up quite a fuss at the Sundance Film Festival last week.

According to Page Six, Katzenbach first appeared at an after-party for the premier of the film White Girl, but organizers soon caught on to the ruse and ejected him from the event. Vanity Fair, on the scent of the story, then posted a list of tips for anyone wanting to be taken seriously as a Bradley Cooper impersonator. What they probably didn’t know was that Katzenbach is always eager to learn, and eager to put their tips into practice. Katzenbach and his identical twin, Scott, then hit up another hot party at Sundance, making sure to incorporate each of VF’s tips to further authenticate his Cooper act. They also filmed the whole thing, providing video evidence that the life of a celebrity is mostly posing for pictures — although with a tantalizing hint of being allowed to guest DJ regardless of DJ’ing skills. Vanity Fair‘s tips, which include “Every once in a while, jump up-and-down seven or eight times” and “Walk up to one of the caterers passing around hors d’oeuvres, and crouch down a bit and say, “How are you doing tonight, hon? You O.K.?,” really did seem to make Kazenbach pass muster with most fans. Dozens lined up for photographs with the star, apologizing for taking his time and asking for just one more picture.  

Of course, the real kicker comes at the end of the video, when, on leaving the party, someone recognizes Katzenbach as “the fake Bradley Cooper guy!” It only goes to show you, fame, however earned, is currency at Sundance.

Check out the video of Kazenbach’s practical joke below:

(Images Via Instagram, YouTube)