~Fake~ bangs are the new lob and everyone has them for fall!

Everyone’s getting bangs! Remember in elementary school when that one girl showed up with bangs and it was the coolest thing you’d ever seen and you went home that afternoon and asked your mom for a haircut? Yeah, we’ve never grown out of that envy.

First, Karlie Kloss got fringed at New York Fashion Week, and then Chrissy Teigen followed suit.

And now, Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale has banged out her lob. Clearly there’s a new trend happening here, and we’re way into it. We love that Lucy’s bangs are longish – it’s a perfect, non-committal length, like instead of going full-on Bettie Page.

Lucy went from this:


to this:


The caption is a little cryptic, though. “Bang for today.” Might we infer that her bangs are not real? No matter. We still LOVE the look, and fake bangs are even more non-committal, so we could totally pull that off, no problem.

Let’s do some more comparisons. You can click through to these pics and put them in your phone to show your stylist. And then thank us later.

Chrissy Teigan’s before, with hubby John Legend and daughter Luna Simone at 2 months:

Chrissy Teigan’s super cute after:

Okay, convinced yet? Now, Karlie Kloss before:

And Karlie Kloss after:

However, it seems like all these lady went back to non-banged locks just a day later, so dare we suggest that these are ~fake bangs?~

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