Someone posted fake animal facts at the LA zoo and they’re 100% hilarious

Usually you go to the zoo to see exotic animals and to learn more about conservation and wildlife. You don’t go expecting to read absolutely hilarious (if totally false) signs about the animals you’re looking at.

But if you were at the L.A. Zoo recently, you may have noticed some particularly hysterical signs planted all over the zoo. If you thought they seemed a little more entertaining than plausible, you were correct. The comedian Obvious Plant cooked up some genuinely entertaining jokes about animals and put them all over the zoo. And they were so amazing that (once we got done laughing like ten minutes later), we kind of hoped they might be real.

From what owls think about the Friends theme song…

To the mind-control and persuasive powers of meerkats…

To why the Southern Crested Screamer Screams…

…And so many more, Obvious Plant created some of the funniest animal explanations we’ve ever seen.

He even shared some fascinating American history just in time for the 4th of July.

While of course these signs (and the others he has posted on his Facebook page) are *probably* false (has anyone ever specifically analyzed whether or not George Washington might be a bunch of koalas standing on top of each other?), they’re at the very least some of the most creative and silly signs we’ve ever seen (not to mention a refreshingly light-hearted practical joke).

Well done, Obvious Plant. Keep up the good work because we cannot wait to see how you will crack us up next.