Follow this girl on Instagram if you have fair skin & acne but love makeup

If you, like me, have ever struggled with acne then you’ve undoubtedly Googled “Acne makeup tutorials” and then fell into a black hole of makeup tutorials and emerged hundreds of dollars in debt because you just absolutely had to buy all that contour cream online.  Makeup tutorials are awesome, but then you find out that the girl who posted the tutorial got rid of her acne, which is great and all, but you really want to follow someone on social media who is IN THE TRENCHES WITH YOU and who understands your daily struggle with breakouts!

If you want daily tutorials and just all around awe-inspiring inspiration of how beautiful one’s skin can look with acne, let me introduce you to Em Ford of My Pale Skin blog.

She first came into the spotlight when her heartbreaking film about living with acne went viral.

After I saw this video I immediately followed her and was like OMG SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND HER MAKEUP IS SO PRETTY AND OMGAHHH AND SHE HAS ACNE LIKE ME!

Em is still getting her acne under control and posts awe-inspiring side-by-sides, actually helpful makeup tutorials, and also tracks her progress as her skin improves.

Her #acnecoverage tutorials LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE. 

She also does amazing cosplay makeup if you’re into acne coverage AND Disney princesses?

Kylie Jenner even gave her a shoutout.


She even has a Q&A with a dermatologist on her channel.

This sounds like a paid post, but when you have acne and are just trying to do your makeup nice for your date, you’re gonna want this aspirational queen flooding your Instagram feed. Do yourself the biggest favor of your life and follow Em right now. Trust.

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