Are you failing at #adulting? This book will make you feel SO much better

Sometimes, it feels like adulthood is impossible. Like, seriously. How are we supposed to keep up with our friends, manage our love lives, read all of the books we wanna read, laugh at all the memes, learn all the new Beyoncé dances, and pay our bills and all that boring stuff?

Luckily, we have Sarah Andersen. She gets us.

Sarah, a 23-year-old cartoonist and illustrator, creates truly stunning comics that will resonate way too hard. You’ll wonder if she’s been reading your mind (and your frantic 3 a.m. texts to your besties asking when your taxes are due). But seriously, Sarah is ridiculously talented and has a way with words — and images — that’ll soothe your anxieties about being a completely fake adult. Because, well, aren’t we all?

Released in March, Adulthood Is A Myth is Sarah’s first book, and the somewhat autobiographical tales are beyond perfect illustrations of what it means to try (and fail, always) at #adulting.


Some of the topics she so gloriously touches on include:

Never, ever feeling like an adult


Because this is us, literally always. Will we ever feel like grown ups? Hint: probs not.

How public speaking ruins your life


One day we’ll get the public speaking thing right. Right? Right… Losing hope for that one, it seems.

The guilt of a never finished to-do list


Forever wishing our imagined reality (aka the prepared, totally on top of things version of ourselves) would align with our actual selves (face down on the couch with a dead phone and Netflix asking if we’re still watching).

Casually avoiding eye contact with our bank accounts


I mean, can you blame us? Who would rather have boring stuff like a clean bathroom than BOOKS?

Being told to chill, and freaking out even MORE


We all have that one friend who has their stuff together, and yet their advice is always more maddening than helpful. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta flip.

How aging does have its perks


Time means forgetting, luckily.

Sarah Andersen should definitely be a part of your #booksquad. Get this rad illustrator on your shelf ASAP and get reading for some validation that no, none of us have any idea what we’re doing. And it’s gonna be alright.

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