These failed DIY nail art pics are all of us

Let’s be honest. We love a good manicure and we love a fun DIY project. But doing your own nails is not always the easiest feat to accomplish. It takes both patience and a steady hand (not to mention some serious artistic talent), which not everyone possesses.

That’s why we’re grateful to see that we’re not the only ones who have sometimes attempted nail art glory only to have the results be, well, less than glorious.

Painting on a simple layer of bright color can easily go awry. false

And even a design that seems simple can look pretty funky if not done correctly. false

These long french tips look a little different IRL.

And then there are all the times when you did everything the directions said yet the end result looked nothing like the picture.


We have *so* been there when you’re looking forward to your chic matte look and just end up with something a little less fashionable. false

When you’re at the salon, waiting for your nails to dry seems super easy (and really fast thanks to the technology they have to move the process along). But at home, it’s so much easier to lose patience and sabotage a perfectly good manicure.

The worst is when you actually made the nails looks pretty, you just happen to get paint everywhere in the process.

These totally make us appreciate the nail professionals with incredible skills that keep us from having to do these all by ourselves.

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