Holiday fad gifts of Christmas past

Us ’90s kids have grown older, and so have our holidays. Now, we’re opening up gifts and finding sweaters, or BluRays, and maybe a T-shirt featuring our fave Netflix TV show — but almost certainly no toys. And even if we would get toys, we wouldn’t be gifted the same ones we were back in the ’90s. No, there are certain gifts that are a part of Christmas past, and while some should probably stay in the past, we think of them in the way that millennials do best: with ultimate nostalgia.

Here are some of the top holiday fad gifts of Christmas past.

Tickle Me Elmo

For those of us who really, really needed to tickle a red monster. (If you’re really feeling the nostalgia, you can still buy this one on Amazon.)

Talk Boy

You know, the recorder from Home Alone 2: Lost In New York? Oh, the memories. (And we can’t forget about the pink Talk Girl!)


Aw, remember when we’d suddenly get afraid of our Furby and then hide it in the freezer and run away? OK, maybe this one is better left in the past (although you can buy its weird modern incarnate, Furby Boom, on Amazon.)

Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies: The ultimate ’90s stocking stuffer. Although each of us probably has a dozen or more of these in a box somewhere (remember when everyone thought they would be *so* valuable in the future?), these are definitely a thing of the past. You can, however, buy some big-eyed “Peekaboos” on Ty’s very confusing site.

Sky Dancers

Slightly scary (we’ve all hit ourselves our our siblings in the face with those super-fast wings), but so pretty and magical!

Zoo Books

Being given the gift of knowledge! Can you believe you can actually still subscribe to these bad boys? The world is a beautiful place.

Gooey Louie

Yeah. . . another one that should probably stay in the past, but for some bizarre reason, you can buy it on Amazon.

Polly Pocket

Unwrapping a whole Polly Pocket universe is probably up there on the list of “best feelings in the world.”

Skip It

Because nothing says fun like danger and bruised shins! You can still buy an ~intense~ version of Skip It on Amazon.


Our tiny little robotic version of man’s best friend. Kind of a weird concept, actually, now that we look back on it.


Ah, one of the original ways to teach kids how to kill virtual pets.

Lite Brite

OK, I don’t even have a joke for this one because it was seriously so much fun. Lights! Colors! What more could you need? (You can buy a newfangled Lite Brite on Amazon, ICYWW.)

Blo Pens

The concept of this was always a little bit uncomfortable / weird, but yet we all had about 18 bajillion of them, about two thirds of which didn’t work.

Hit Clips

Because for some reason, in the ’90s, we all wanted to listen to one-minute clips of songs. NO MORE, NO LESS.


Can you believe this is still a thing that’s alive and well now? But we’ll never forget the original ’90s Heelys, and how often our friends would trip while using them.


The most infuriating toy in the entire world, and yet we couldn’t. Stop. Playing.

Easy Bake Oven

OK, this was a gem that we all remember finding under the Christmas tree. So much of a gem, in fact, that we’re seriously considering buying one of the new versions. OK, maybe we should just bake cookies with an actual oven now that we’re in our 20s and 30s.

Moon Shoes

Trampolines for your feet are exactly what you want for Christmas. Oh, and you can still get these, too.


Remember getting one of these in your stocking and thinking, “Not really sure what to do what this but it feels so good on my haaaands”?

Dance Dance Revolution

“Can I go to Stacy’s house to play DDR?” was a sentence moms heard around the world.

Light-up sneakers

Honestly, this was the best thing ever. Made every step seem badass.

The nostalgia is REAL.

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