The internet is being torn apart by this New Year’s Eve fact — one retweet at a time

This is one of those things where if you think about it for too long, your brain will turn to mush as tears flow from your eyes — so beware. Senior software engineer Cassidy Williams realized a boggling fact about this upcoming New Year’s Eve. And yes, it’s kind of blowing our minds.

On December 13th, Williams tweeted, "Whoa. This New Year's Eve will be the only day where all adults were born in the 1900s, and all minors born in the 2000s!"


Okay, hold up. Let’s break this down. That means, come 2018, all minors will have been born in the new millennium. Does that make the rest of us old fogies “2000 and late,” like Fergie-Ferg warned? We shutter at the thought. Although, we more so shutter when we realize full-blown adults were born in 2000. Wasn’t that just like, two years ago?

What this boils down to is that ’80s and ’90s Rugrats are All Grown Up. And although this is kind of bittersweet for us over 18-ers, we should be glad that we were able to witness what the tail end of the 1900s had to offer us. We had Bop-It, Fraggle Rock, floppy disks, TVs with knobs on them, and Furby! (Actually, we take Furby back. Furby was pretty diabolical.)

Needless to say, although this tweet almost caused an existential crisis of sorts, we’re coming to terms with the fact.

Right guys?


Listen, it’s okay. All of us 20th-century kids are in this together. Come New Year’s Eve, let’s all hold hands and sing the Friends theme song. And to make us feel better, we’ll make the event 19+.

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