All these dogs are ridiculously good at playing in the mud

This post was written by Lindsey Robertson on The Dodo.

1. “Mud? What mud?”

(Reddit: pinktigers)

2. “Oh, puddle. Nobody understands me like you do.”


3. “I have to say, I’m feelin’ pretty pleased with this new coat.”

(Reddit: louiebaur)


(Reddit: x_x_x_x)

5. “I swear, I only gave it a sniff!”

(Reddit: Zenigata)

6. “Look. Look at this paw. COVERED in glorious mud.”

(Reddit: Tatertot5)

7. “I never feel more handsome than I do after rolling in a good mud puddle.” 

(Reddit: davegolunka)

8. “I am proud of my muddy belly and regret nothing!”

(Reddit: mhmyess)

9. “Mud really does make for the best facials.”

(Reddit: holybatjunk)

10. “Wait, what do you mean you don’t want a smooch??” 

(Reddit: jthornel)

Just remember, pups: For every mud party, there’s probably gonna be a squeaky clean bath!

(Reddit: JunkintheBattleTrunk)

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