This faceless makeup tutorial is the stuff of nightmares

You might want to prepare yourself for this one because there’s a new makeup tutorial that’s inducing nightmares and more than a little awe. We’ve been fans of makeup artist Mimi Choi’s intense optical illusion looks for a minute now, and she is currently having a bit of a Salvador Dali moment. This makeup look was inspired by the Surrealist master’s work, and Mimi is definitely paying tribute in style.

Her latest work depicts, well, nothing. There’s a big gaping black hole where Mimi’s face should be. Some of us are into spooky things, but for others, this is even creepier than a face full of Halloween gore and blood.


It’s not exactly the easiest Halloween makeup look to recreate, but we think it could be a fun one to attempt. Mimi posted a video of her work in motion, and it’s slightly less disturbing. The entire look took 1.5 hours to execute but we’re pretty sure a way-less-impressive version would take us half a day. #InstagramVsReality.

The hole-y face in action.

All of Mimi’s work is created with makeup and not digitally doctored. For this look, she used black and red face paints, specifically Kryolan Aquacolors and the Make Up For Ever Flash Palette.

Mimi is having a Dali moment.

We think the artist summed it up perfectly when she said, “It’s all fun and games until someone tries to throw a ball through your face.” Careful out there, Mimi!

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