Facebook is apparently adding a “snooze button,” and this is how it could change your life

Have you had enough of your aunt’s pro-Trump rants or your old roommate’s incessant cat memes? Well, you’re in luck. On December 15th, Facebook announced its new “snooze button,” and it promises to make your life much more peaceful.

With Facebook Snooze, you can hide posts from any friend, group, or page for 30 days. That way, you can see less content you don’t like without having to unfriend or unfollow anyone — whether they’re a relative, an old friend, or an ex. In 2015, Facebook introduced a similar feature that allows users to hide posts from a recent ex, but the Snooze feature doesn’t have these limitations.

The Snooze option will be located in the top-right dropdown menu on Facebook posts. You can reverse a Snooze at any time, so if you really miss those baby photos, it won’t be too difficult to get them in your feed again. And Facebook will also alert you when the Snooze is about to end. The person or page you Snooze will not be notified.

According to a blog post by Facebook Product Manager Shruthi Muraleedharan, Snooze came about thanks to feedback that users wanted to be able to control the content they see in their News Feeds.

Snooze isn’t the only option to customize what you see on Facebook. The same dropdown menu that will contain the Snooze option also allows you to Unfollow, Hide, or Report posts that you don’t want to see. You can also select “See First” to move a person or page’s posts to the top of your feed.

With the recent evidence that social media can be damaging for your mental health, the Facebook Snooze feature might be the perfect way to keep our scrolling enjoyable. We can’t wait to try out this new feature.

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