The age of jazzed-up Facebook photos is nigh

Oh just face it. Facebook photos just aren’t really all that amazing. Well, that’s all about to change—much much sooner than you think!

Soon, Zuckerberg and Company will be making it a whole lot easier for users to jack up their photos before posting them onto the social network. With a new photo uploader in the works, select iOS users will easily be able to add fancy-schmancy features like new color filters, text, and stickers into the photo-sharing mix.

Instantly preview filters when swiping across your photos. Overlay fresh text in any size and color. Paste special Facebook stickers on top. Those are just a few of the image editing miracles we’ll be provided with. And yes, we gratefully take them with open arms.

One teeny thing though: If adding text, swipeable filters, and resizable emoji on photos sounds even remotely familiar, it might be because there’s already a couple of terrific sites that do exactly the same thing. Facebook’s latest offering all comes in a giant effort to keep customers from straying away to other services like Snapchat or Instagram, which, as we know, put more focus on the visual side of the online experience.

According to TechCrunch, this newest version (which is currently in testing) is very similar to Snapchat, which Facebook failed to successfully acquire a little over a year ago. Since the disappointing attempt, the company’s watched their long lost bid grow more and more popular among users, so obviously, they’ve been hard at work trying to concoct a little something amazing of their very own.

The new features will provide users with an added vertical line on their photos, allowing them to swipe to change filters. At this point, the selection of actual filters is still pretty small. There’s Auto, which will just correct the color; Vintage for a sepia look; Spring to brighten it up; Summer to give your image a golden tone; Fall for a more orangey look; Winter for a more muted, moody look; and Snow for black and white.

The magic wand in the bottom left hand corner would give you access to other photo-enhancing tools including more filters, text buttons, stickers, silly emoji, and the ability to crop and tag a photo. And if Facebook’s default sticker selection doesn’t seem to cut it, you’ll be able to download additional sticker packs like “pride,” “summer vacation,” and “birthday party” for free.

When adding text to your image, you can use a slider to choose the color you want it to be, then pinch and drag the text to place it in the perfect spot. According to TechCrunch, the text button uses the interface from Facebook’s Slingshot. Annoyingly, however, you’ll have to compose the text and choose the color with your photo blurred in the background, rather than have it in front of you like with Snapchat.

There’s no word yet as to how many iOS users will actually get to test out new photo-editing tools, but it sure is worth taking note of if you’re one of those avid picture-takers always uploading your latest and greatest images from your iPhone.

Here’s Facebook’s official comment to Josh Constine over at TechCruch:

So while all this isn’t yet set in stone, it’s safe to say a whole lot of us are getting super excited. Check your Facebook app to see if maybe you’ve received an update. Remember though, since it’s still being tested, it is likely to be to a limited audience and may never actually become a final feature. We’ll just have to wait and see.

(Images via Mashable/TechCrunch)

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