This new Facebook parody video seems almost a little too real

Facebook has undergone a lot of changes lately. Chief among them is a new algorithm change that affects what users see and when they see it. The impending update, which will give more weight to updates from friends, has publishers shaking in their boots as many depend on Facebook to move traffic to their sites. If their articles and content aren’t showing up in Facebook user feeds as often, that means fewer readers and less advertising revenue.

This is hardly the first time Facebook has altered its algorithm. In fact, algorithm changes have been so frequent and caused so much worry among publishers that it’s starting to feel like the site has a stranglehold on the industry. Luckily, laughter is a good way to make it through this painful transition.

This week, College Humor released a hilarious video featuring the “Facebook Mafia” and their terrifying algorithm. In the video, a woman is pushed into reading articles she doesn’t care about and getting updates on her high school bully when all she wants to do is check in on her best friends. Check out the hilarious clip below:

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