Facebook is getting rid of something huge. And we’re all happy about it.

So, we’re so thrilled to hear that Facebook is ditching the “other” messenger inbox. You know, the one where people you don’t know send you inappropriate messages, or a place where random strangers who want to “pick your brain” think it’s cool to hit you up. It’s so not cool.

David Marcus, who oversees Facebook’s Messenger product, announced in a post yesterday that the platform is rolling out a replacement for the creeptastic “other” messages box called message request.

The really great feature in message request is that the person who sends a request to message you can’t see if you’ve read their request or not. This gives us all kinds of plausible deniability for people we’d rather avoid or not answer! And a great way to screen out creepers! Totally into this.

“The rule is pretty simple: If you’re friends on Facebook, if you have each other’s contact info in your phone and have these synced, or if you have an existing open thread, the new messages from that sender will be routed to your inbox,” Marcus wrote. “Everything else will now be a message request, minus spam attempts that we will continue to ruthlessly combat.”

The first like to this new development comes from Mark Zuckerberg, whose “other” message box is possibly the most frightening place in the western world. We’re giving this a super like.

(Images via Shutterstock)