Remember Facebook notes? Well, they look totally different now

The last time you used the Facebook feature “Notes,” you were probably listing your high school schedule or filling out a MySpace survey. However, the feature, which allows for blog-post-style writing for long-form thoughts, hasn’t gone away. In fact, it’s better than ever.

On Friday, Facebook revealed the official redesign. You can now format text, including things like headers quotes and bullets. You can also add, customize, and caption a cover photo. These are small edits, but they allow for much more visually appealing posts, encouraging creativity and finesse in the midst of statuses and pictures about politics and kids. Here’s a little peek into the awesome things you can now do:

If you don’t quite remember what Notes looked like before (it’s been a while, after all) then here’s a side-by-side comparison. Can you believe things were ever that limited?

It’s gone from outdated and stiff to something you actually want to pause and take a look at — a truly impressive feat in this social media world of quick updates and information.

These changes come shortly after the news of some other fun updates at Facebook, like the highly-requested “dislike” button which Mark Zuckerberg confirmed is on its way to a News Feed near you.

This update is live on both the mobile and the web, but use of the feature is limited solely to your laptop browser. No word on if or when the feature comes to mobile, but we have a lot of fun new things to play with for now until that happens.

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(Images via Shutterstock and Facebook)

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