Facebook’s newest feature is the ultimate #TBT

If you’ve been searching for a way to more easily access those perfect old photos and memories for Throwback Thursday purposes, Facebook is launching an exciting new feature that may keep you from speed-scrolling back to 2006 every Thursday. Dubbed “On This Day,” the app is designed to display things like status updates, photos, and things you were tagged in — from one year ago today, two years ago today, three years ago today, back to when you initially joined Facebook. It’s basically a daily shot of personal nostalgia, and if there’s anything we love it’s nostalgia.

According to the Facebook team, many users were expressing interest in adding a feature to the app that documented all our this-day-in-history information without having to scroll around and hunt for it. The other great benefit to On This Day is that all past activity is completely private — viewable to your eyes only — unless you choose to share it with your friends list. This is perfect if you want to publicly be like, “yo Facebook friends, I graduated from high school three years ago today;” or privately acknowledge the end of a Facebook-official relationship. And, as we mentioned, it’s totally perfect for finding those #TBT shots.

You can also choose whether or not to let the app notify you when it has an On This Day update. Once you’re actually on the page itself, you’ll actually be able to delete any status updates or photos if you want to — just in case there’s something you’d rather not revisit next year. Starting today all users will see an option to check out the On This Day option, but the official page isn’t available for everyone yet. 

If you are a Timehop user you’re probably like, “wait a second this sounds basically exactly like Timehop!” Well, you’re kind of right. Timehop has never hit massive success though, and it seems like On This Day might be taking its sweet spot.

To quote The Lion King, “the past can hurt” — but with this app, we’re actually seriously excited about revisiting it. Brace yourselves, memories are coming.

[Images courtesy of Facebook.]