Today Facebook is making a major change to its name policy

Facebook is finally making a long-anticipated change to one of its policies. Last year, the social media website was under a lot of heat for its policy around names. Specifically, the policy that allows Facebook to root out and report “fake” names based on a series of somewhat discriminatory and outdated requirements. Those in the LGBT+ community were particularly singled out. Their name changes often reflected their identities, even if they didn’t match their legal documents, but Facebook saw this as a red flag—until people started speaking up.

“After hearing feedback from our community, we recognise that it’s…important that this policy works for everyone,” said vice president of global operations at Facebook, Justin Osofsky. “Especially for communities who are marginalised or face discrimination. That’s why we’re continuing to make improvements in this area.”

Today, those improvements are set in place. Osofsky explains:

The site has rolled out a new version of its name-reporting process which allows for more context. Users can let the website know they have a special circumstance and provide details so they can go by the name they’re comfortable with without hassle or feeling unnecessary targeted.

This is definitely a huge step for Facebook, and we hope they continue working towards making the website a safe and accepting environment.