Facebook’s latest change forces us all to be a bit more decisive

There’s a new way to not commit to something on Facebook, but at least this option is a little more honest. The pesky “maybe” button was the bane of every event planner’s existence. If you’re “maybe” coming should I “maybe” buy enough food for you? “Maybe” I’ll give you a drink but just “maybe.” But for public events, the button is no more, and instead has been replaced by something new: Interested.

The new “Interested” button lifts the burden of having to make a decision then and there, and instead still gives you updates on the event while you figure out if this birthday party can fit into your crazy social calendar. At least, that’s how I assume people with crazy social calendars handle these things—I wouldn’t know.

The button is now available for all Facebook users, and you’ve likely already seen it popping up on your newsfeed and sidebar. However, if your social life is very exclusive and you only get invited to private events, then things look the same as before, “maybe” button and all.

This update is an attempt at giving hosts more accurate information about who to expect at their party. Combined with the recent “seen” feature that’s been added to guest lists, it’s getting pretty hard to weasel out of events without an honest answer. Except for the people who haven’t responded to my party invitations, who are just really busy, I’m sure.

(Image via nevodka / Shutterstock.com)

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