Facebook made just made your secret conversations even MORE secret

Finally, a breakthrough in the art of planning a surprise bachelorette party via Facebook! A new feature rolls out this week allowing secret convos to get even more private, as in your-two-eyes-only private. Starting now, anyone using the Messenger app can turn on Secret Conversations which hides messages not sent from that exact device. Planning a sneaky Christmas gift collab with your boyfriend’s mom on your smartphone? Facebook can stay up and open on your desktop at home without any threat of the word getting out. This is secret spy movie type stuff, so tread carefully.

What’s bound to get a little sticky down the road is just how private this new feature can get. “Even the government or Facebook itself won't have access to conversations in secret mode, mentions this report by CNN Money.

With a customized expiration time, users can alter whether their messages stay available permanently or if they disappear in a matter of 5 seconds. (Snapchat, anyone?)

For those of us who want to send a quick message to coworkers about donuts in the breakroom without risking a passerby seeing and getting there first (this happens, and it’s devastating), this new feature is very cool. Facebook says they know that privacy options, when sharing personal or time-sensitive news such as a new pregnancy or maybe a fresh break-up, are important to us. And if you’re not a fan of the new feature? At least you can talk about it in private.

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