Facebook is losing a ton of users in this one specific age group

Back in 2005, having an account on “The Facebook” was considered a privilege among college students. But these days, Facebook is having a tough time grasping the attention of a certain demographic, which means that things might get a little tough for the company moving forward.

According to eMarketer, around 9.9% of Facebook users between the age of 12 and 17 have dropped the site. The reason being, according to Recode, that teens don’t care as much about photo memories, which is one of the biggest advantages that Facebook currently provides over other social media platforms.

Since the site has been around for so long, many users like to revisit their old photos and statuses thanks to the “On This Day” feature, which other social media companies don’t necessarily have the history for quite yet. Meanwhile, Instagram and Snapchat offer photo and video sharing that self destructs after a short period of time. They’re providing a service that’s more “in the minute,” which is currently more appealing to teens.

According to eMarketer, a whopping 2.8 million U.S. users under 25 stopped using Facebook last year, and they’re predicting that two million more will drop this year. Needless to say, appealing to younger demographics is somewhat critical for success.

In recent months, Facebook has announced a bunch of big changes to their algorithm. Those on the site can now expect to see less from brands and more from local news outlets, which many users have mixed feelings about.

But don’t worry too much about Facebook just yet. Business Insider reported last year that the company is still the largest in terms of social media messaging. Plus, as Facebook owns Instagram, which is still thriving, the company should be fine. Instagram is currently predicted to grow 13 percent in 2018.

Now…anyone else feeling old?

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