Facebook is finally adding this feature to their comments section

Celebrations are definitely in order, because Facebook is finally allowing GIFs in their comment section, and seriously — it’s about time. There have been so many occasions where the perfect reaction to news is a funny GIF, and for years, we’ve been denied the opportunity.

The social network announced today that you can start using GIFs by clicking the GIF button close to the emojis. Supposedly, it’s been a feature they’ve been working on for months.

Mashable reports that the GIFs you can use are sourced from sites like Giphy (which is the best place to find animated art) as well as Tenor and Disney.


We have so many positive emotions about this. Like…

And also…

(Okay, we’ll stop now.)

Now, for the bad news: As of right now, you aren’t able to upload your own GIFs. So if you have an original you’ve been dying to use, it may not be compatible. You also can’t post a GIF by using a URL, which may be limiting. Fingers crossed that the feature gets more nuanced with a little bit of time.

The company has experimented with GIFs in the past. Outside of your feed, their Messenger app has supported them for some time. Mashable noted that Facebook has seen over 13 billion GIFs exchanged through Messenger last year, which means that people are using them quite often.

We can’t wait to see what our comments sections are going to look like by the end of the day. Let’s just say they’ll probably be a little more animated.

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