Yikes — Here’s how Facebook is letting your friends know you ignored their event invitation

Don’t look now — really, don’t. Because you might see who has ignored your event invitation. Or, even worse, your friends will see that you ignored their’s. Why, Facebook, why?

Like the dreaded “seen” that appears on your Facebook messages, read receipts are also coming to Events. The Daily Dot confirmed that the feature is currently being tested, and it’s got all of us shaking in our shoes for what that could mean in our social lives.

Facebook is still piloting the feature, so it’s not clear when it will actually come to our feeds, but it will probably look a little something like this:

As evil as this may seem, it’s supposed to be helpful. Knowing who has seen your event, and who has seen any updates you post, could be advantageous. You’ll know if you need to reach out to someone outside of Facebook if it’s clear they’re not checking the event, or know if that “everyone pitch in some snacks!” suggestion you posted is actually going to work out.

This follows the introduction of read receipts in both one-on-one and group chats, meaning it likely won’t be long until we see something like this creep into our comments and friend requests.

Sure, it will probably bring on some drama. While I can’t speak for how other people will handle this new power, I can repeat that tried-and-true mantra that honesty is the best policy. Be open about what you can and can’t do, and “seeing” things should never be a problem.

(Image via JaysonPhotography / Shutterstock.com)

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