Facebook is finally working on a feature we’ve been wanting since forever

While there’s so much to like about Facebook, there’s just as much to dislike. After seemingly much deliberation, Facebook is finally testing a dislike button. It’s not where we hoped it would be though. The new addition can be found in Messenger, not the News Feed. But hey — baby steps.

A TechCrunch reader pointed out that some Facebook users are now receiving the option to react to messages sent in a chat thread. It’s done by hovering over the message and tapping the emoji button to choose which emoji you want to send. Users have seven options, including the thumbs down emoji.

The reaction will pop up directly below the specific message you attached it to, and there won’t be any confusion which comment you’re actually responding to. You may have noticed that in the past, when an emoji is sent in a group chat, it’s often hard to know which message the emoji is meant for.

So now there should be no more confusion!

But let’s be honest, some people will still be confused, because that’s just how it goes on Facebook (shout out to everyone’s parents and grandparents).

The new feature is very similar to the new feature on iOS that allows users to pretty much do the same thing while texting.


According to TechCrunch, Facebook views the thumbs down emoji as a way of saying “no” or disagreeing with a comment. And apparently that’s different from straight-up disliking something. Facebook prefers to leave the disliking of things to the actual comments section in the News Feed.

Facebook confirmed the new feature to TechCrunch, saying

“We’re always testing ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging. This is a small test where we enable people to share an emoji that best represents their feelings on a message.

In other words, not everyone has the new feature just yet.

But if the test blows people’s minds, or if people are at least into it, it should be available soon for everyone.

We totally get that Facebook has preferred to keep things positive by only including a like button in the News Feed, but we all know there are plenty of posts that warrant the click of a dislike button (like when a friend shares bad news). So hopefully the test will go well and Facebook will realize that disliking posts in the News Feed feels just as important as liking them.

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